Tradewinz Mission Statement


To inspire lifelong financial education and advanced market knowledge.

We do this through exceptional investing and trading mentorship.

At TradeWinz we are a small team of professional traders and investors dedicated to serving our client base in their journey from discovering to mastering the markets. We do this through exceptional trading and Investing education and Mentorship.

Jerry Jaager, founder and head instructor brings more than 2 decades of knowledge and experience in all asset classes. His passion for Capital Markets started with a career as a financial Adviser with CIBC Merrill Lynch in 1992. During that time he advised, invested and traded Stocks, ETF’s, Bonds, Managed Products, Forex  and Derivatives, leading to opportunities in active investing and trading with Proprietary,Venture Capital and Private Equity firms. After working for the global leader in Investing and Trading Education Online Trading Academy, he began sharing his knowledge with those wanting to learn which led him here to create TradeWinz. Jerry and the TradeWinz team have seen far too many times, the investment savings of an individual get lost to the Stock-market due to lack of base line knowledge and training, Get rich quick schemes and even high investment fees .  It is our goal at TradeWinz to provide a level of education that an individual can have confidence applying to all markets whether your an active investor or short term trader.

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